Welcome to Net-Work HCO.       We're proud to introduce one of California's newest HCO's. We were granted our license on April 14, 2004.

On April 16, 2004 SB899 was signed and the landscape of workers' compensation changed again. The last couple of months have given us a chance to evaluate the nuances of SB899.


Our HCO license has "grandfathered" us in. This means that Labor code
section 4616.7 deems that a Health Care Organization (HCO) licensed
under labor code 4600.5 we are deemed to meet all or specific
parts of the eligibility requirements to be Medical Provider
Networks (MPN).
            Our experience and thorough understanding of the California
            Workers' Compensation market has allowed us to bring
                you a unique approach and a proven track record.
                We stand ready to work with you and your team to impact your workers' compensation bottom line.